Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Some of my favorite scores from the pin swap including Katherine Osgood, Kathleen Janvier, Aurther Hash, Gabrial Craig, and Tonia, who needle felted that sweet Georgia Peach!
Top moments from SNAG:
1. Deffinatly all the awesome people I met, including (but not limited to), Gail M. Brown, Aurther Hash (who gave the the brooch off his shirt!!!), Gabrial Craig, author of the exciting blog conceptualmetalsmithing, Sean Scully, grad student at Kent State, my alma mater, Shane, from Miami of OH, who's on his way to the UK, and many, many more.
2. Spending time with Savannah local and spectacular friend, Jessica Schlachter-Townsend.
3. Finding an advanced copy of 500 Pendants and Lockets, and seeing with my own eyes that I'm actually in it (on page 212).
4. The amazing food.
5. Getting a lot of positive feedback on my work, particularly from Bob Ebendorf, who wore my rock brooch to the Final Night Party! (Pics coming as soon as Jessica sends them to me.)
6. Phil Carizzi and Doug Bucci's boxing match. I paricularly liked when Phil picked Doug up, put him across the back of his shoulders and spun around like a helicopter.
The lectures were thought provoking, the gallery shows were fantastic, the student digital show was great, the city was beautiful, everything was awesome. I can't wait for Philly, next year.

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Jessica said...

spectacular.. wow..

glad you enjoyed savannah.