Friday, June 25, 2010

Certaldo-Day 4

After our first quick Italian lesson, we had a nice free day to chill out, relax and just enjoy the country side after all the hub bub of Venice. We hiked up behind Fattoria Bassetto, part way to Certaldo Alto, seen in the above photo. It was hot, but the scenery was just beautiful, looking just like something out of an Italian movie.
The olive trees were just starting to bloom.

And these red poppies were everywhere!

We took the lift up into Certaldo Alto, where we toured the little place there and a couple small churches. We saw some more modern art on display in palace, and the body of a Saint Julia.
We also saw this spectacular view of Certaldo, from Certaldo Alto.
That evening we visited La Meridiana, a cermics school and had a pizza party there with some students from another North Carolina university, of all places.

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