Thursday, March 17, 2011

Postcard Problems

So I need to order postcards, like yesterday, but I'm having a hard time choosing an image (or 2). So here's my top five. I'm leaning towards the Pilgrimage Detail, and one of Sacra Santa, but I can decide between the full view or the detail.

Sacra Sancta

Sacra Sancta Detail

Pilgrimage Detail

Meditation Green and White

Meditation Red

Gray Grief Detail

What do you think? Leave me a comment telling me your favorite or favorites by 5pm tomorrow and I'll select one person at random and send them something cool. I'm not sure what, but it'll be cool.

Happy Thursday!


Lynette said...

Pilgrimage detail and gray grief detail are my favs!

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

hey there girl. long time no talk to:-) I am backing the detail of Sacra Santa. That red eye catching and I feel that is gives me a better idea of the whole (all your work). Obviously this is an opinion based solely spying on your blog and such. I think you have found what you are supposed to make. I wish I could congratulate you in person:-)

Michelle Swart said...

Pilgrimage Detail and Sacra Santa (full size) are the most intriguing to me.

Loring Taoka said...

sacra sancta detail is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I like grey greif detail a lot...but very much like scara scanta (sp?) Full view...I think its the "ss" in full view as my top!!
Susan skoczen

Liz Steiner said...

Rebecca!I was seriously thinking about you just last week and how much I miss you!!!!I was wondering how to get in touch with you! How are you?!?!?

Loring! You still owe me a postcard from YOUR show!!!

Everyone- Thanks for the input and give me your addresses so I can send you one of my cards when I actually get them!!!

Except Michelle. I will see you in the MC. And Loring. Because I have your address already. But I'm not sending you a card until I get one from you!

Unknown said...

Sacra Sancta full size is my pick. And I want a poster of Mediteranian Green and White.

Laura said...

Gray Grief!

Unknown said...

Hi Liz, I think all your photos look great but since I have to choose only one, then I choose Sacra Santa full view for the postcard. The red is really eye catching, love it.

Lisette said...

sacra santa is my vote