Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Find: Viktoria Munzker

I've long subscribed to the blog schmucksachen; it posts a lot of great images of fantastic jewelry, much of it European. While scrolling though the usual dose of eye candy today, I came across some works by the blog's author Viktoria Munzker, that sparked my interest, not only because of the pieces themselves, but because of the title of her collection: Unknown Waters.

This is similar wording to my Found Waters body of work I'm currently trying to sort my way through. Our ideas aren't dissimilar, and neither are our forms and materials. I find myself struggling with this body of work, convinced that it's total crap. Like, I'm making crap, out of other crap, and no one is going to let me get away with that. But I can't help loving these new pieces if only because they are mine. I exhibited my first efforts in the exhibition Off the Wall in January, and got a positive response, which I find almost as unsettling as a negative one. Paired with the anxiety of a medium level career commitment I made recently (more on this later) this new body of work (and half a dozen other things I'm sure), literally has my back in knots. But I enjoy making these silly little things and if I make enough, I'll eventually figure out what they are about. 

I suppose in the mean time, Viktoria Munzker gives me something to aspire too.

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