Friday, May 3, 2013

Water Walk

 One of the things I like best about living in New Bern is my proximity to the water. For the past 9 months or so, I've been thinking about water, they way it looks, the way it moves and the objects or detritus it carries. Many of the things I pick up in the interest of art making have traveled or been touched by water in someway. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to render water in my enamels, which I did begin to experiment with last fall.

 I feel like I've long extolled my love of the ocean on this blog, but lately I've been thinking more and more about rivers. I grew up near a river. At Peters Valley we made near daily trips to swim in the river. Greenville has the Tar River. New Bern, the Trent and the Neuse. Columbia (where I'm headed soon) has the Scuppernog. All of this has developed recently into sketching the river every day. I have a few favorite spots I hit, and I'm experimenting with a variety of media. I also try and make a few notes on the river and how it's doing that day. This has resulted in a series of spectacularly bad sketches. They really are just awful. Drawing was never my strong suit, and water is just SO HARD to capture. Mainly due to it's reflective nature and the fact that it just won't stop moving!

 But that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to stop trying. So I'm going to keep at it. Maybe after a while, my drawings won't be quite so awful.

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