Friday, September 12, 2008

Process Shot of the Week, plus Giveaway

So sometime in the past week or two I missed the actual anniversary of my blog. Well, better late than never and I decided that this calls for a giveaway! Just comment on what you like (or dislike!) about my blog and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of this soon to be litho print, AND an actual rock brooch! The drawing will be September 22! My blog's happy birthday gift to you!


Jessica said...

dearest liz,

hello. what i enjoy the most is the ability to watch you grow as an artist. The development you have shown in the past year is truly remarkable. grad school is obviously the right decision for you.

thank you for sharing. it's been a real pleasure to watch you & your work go through this progress. keep up the great work.


(really i thought a little fluff might help me qualify. You rock ( ha didn't intend that to be so cheezy) and are doing a great job of posting and sharing your growth. continue to kick ass.)

Liz Steiner said...

Aw, thanks Jess. *blushes*

Lynette said...

Happy Anniversary! I love all your process shots. Its cool to see how people do things in other places and at other schools. I enjoy looking at your work!

ikkinlala said...

Happy anniversary!

I like seeing your artwork (and I also enjoy the quotes).

kait said...

Happy anniversary!
I also like the process shots, but am fond of the quote of the week as well. And the rocks. And the inclusion of the word cephalopods. :)

megan said...

Really like the new print!

I like that your blog is a sneak peak into your studio (saves me the trouble of driving to Towson)

Catherine Chandler said...

I have only started watching your blog recently, but I absolutely adore your work. I love that you have a variety of things going on with your blog, like quotes, little drawings, and your own work. And not all of them require an image! It's always fun to see another artist's work in progress, as well as their growth.

Anonymous said...

hello liz!
i love your process shots and that your sense of humor shines through in your posts. i do wish there were more pictures and that you would post daily!!!

janet said...

jewelry drawings are the very best process, congratulations on one year blob

amyk said...

hi liz,
i like your process shots because they are a nice little sum up of what i see you working on every week. i like that you are enthusiastic about what you are working on. it shows in your posts.