Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rock Rings

Check out these awesome rings by Marta Sanchez. These are from her etsy shop, but she also runs the great blog 18k. If you've never checked it out, you should. I love the simplicity in these. I love that the minerals are well integrated into the ring shank, yet remain the main focus of the piece. The pyrite one is my favorite.


masaoms said...

Wow!! i have just discovered your post!! Thank you very much! It's nice you like my rock rings!! My favourite is Lava ring!!!

Anonymous said...

So, for the geologically (?) ignorant - I'm thinking the lave is the top, and the pyrite is on the bottom? Is the one in the center a type of quartz or something? Thats my pick!

Cool find Liz!


Liz Steiner said...

It could be some kind of quartz, but my guess is fluorite.

ohsherri said...

I adore these! I want all of them, which is high praise since the only ring I own is Jenn Parnell's ring we swapped for.