Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fossil Fun

So on Monday, I was surprised with a trip to the Aroura Fossil Museum. It's a small (but free!) museum that has a great selection of fossil shark teeth, whale bones and other fantastic things found out at the Aurora Phosphate Mines. They also have a nice collection of arrowheads and other Native American stone tools, as well as some South American artifacts.

But the best part was the big pile of dirt from the mines outside the museum where you could look for fossils. I found some small shark teeth, brachiopods, a porpoise tooth, stingray teeth, and some bits of whale and shark bone. Here's me playing in the dirt.

Sadly, you can't just go the mines a collect fossils. It's a hard hat, steel toed boots type of thing. But if you become a friend of the museum you can go on their bi-annual collecting trips. I'm seriously considering joining!

I'll be using some of my finds in my piece for Lark Book's 500 Found Object Works.

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