Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog Break

Sorry it's been awhile. My blogging and internet usage in general tends to drop off during the summer. I sometimes even go days with out checking my email. I'm leaving for the beach for a week today and decided not to take my computer.

The last few weeks have been light on studio work (except for the week everyone else was at SNAG. I swear I'll post those G-Vegas pin swap pins later.) I've been working on my collaboration piece(s), but they're not worth writing about at this point. One looks like a complete piece of poop and I won't be using it. Other than that, there's not much to write about. A little sketching, a trip home on an airplane (I hadn't flown in years), tidying up the apartment and searching for a particular type of vellum which apparently no one carries. It's not like I'm looking for uber fancy Italian vellum or anything fancy, I just want a pad of Canson vellum. I'm also out of Sunprints paper, so I think an order or two will have to be placed when I get back from the beach next week.

I hope everyone has been to busy enjoying their summer to much miss my more regular blogging!

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