Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I Am, I Make, I Believe"

So I kinda stole this idea from brookefuller on Etsy. She's using this idea to promote other Etsy shops on her blog, but I decided to do it just for me, just to get me thinking about what I am, what I make and what I believe in. I tweeked the "make" section, just a bit.

I am: a maker, a student, a lover, a wanna be fighter, a good time, a could have been, an amature ornithologist, a part time printmaker, a helper, and just a person.

I make: rocks, sketches, jewelry, prints, vessels, cards, work, things with string, messes, arrangements of objects.

I believe: in karma, in hard work, in being patient (although it's hard), that everything happens for a reason, in looking and learning, in spirituality, in giving, in making making making, in tasty treats for good pets, in Santa Claus.

So what are you? What do you make? What do you believe in?

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