Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, as I said before, I'm taking a grad level fibers class this semester. It's an all grad class, and it's a mix of learning techniques, discussion, and eventually making work. I'm enjoying the techniques, but the rest of the class content seems to be a little fluffy, particularly for a grad level class. Last class we were to bring in our "inspiration" for our work. I think my inspiration is pretty obvious when you look at my work, but, ok, I'll take an opportunity to brag about all the cool stuff I have. I don't mind seeing other people's cool stuff either, it's just that I think I'd rather look at the work and discuss the work, especially since we're all at the stage we're at.

A few of us brought collections of objects, our professor brought work, most people, frankly, I think forgot to bring anything. But one student said that she gets her inspiration from looking at other artists. She says she spends hours and hours on the Internet looking at lesson plans (she's Art Ed) and other art. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I certainly like to look at work, and try my best to keep current with the field, but I try not to look too much at other work in the context of my making, for fear I might emulate something too closely. For a while, I was always asked "What other artists are you looking at?" and I usually came up with some artists work which I loved and kinda had a relation to mine, but really in my head and heart, I was thinking "No one. This is my work. Why do I want to let what someone else is doing influence my work? Why can't I let these objects I love inspire me?"

Don't get me wrong, I understand the value and need in looking at other work, I just have an issue with someone making work "inspired" by the work of other artist. Thoughts on this?

At any rate, I think this exercise for class was beneficial for me. I was thinking about what to take (Which rock do I love the most?) and I think I realized why I make large neck pieces as opposed to objects or bracelets or whatever else. I only make brooches and neckpieces. Large neckpieces. I think this is because I love these things I work with so much and what they represent to me, that I literally want to wrap my self in them. Cover myself. Swathe my self in them like a favorite blanket. I love these things and I want them on my person. I want them within reach.

Sorry if that was a bit rambling. Thanks for reading.

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Catherine Chandler said...

That's an interesting post. I would expect grad level students to *not* be forgetful, but then again, why wouldn't they? Everyone is different. Looking at other peoples' work can be beneficial to me when it comes to techniques and inspiration for branching out with materials, but I definitely try not to derive my designs based on someone else's ideas. Where I was educated (In Australia), we were taught to research research research and then start designing, which could have its positives and negatives. A lot of the research included looking at other artists, and I have since learned where to research and how to be "inspired" without copying.