Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thesis Pieces

So I realized yesterday, as I was looking at my DISASTER of a bench, that I have about four neckpieces started (barely) for my thesis and an idea for a fifth. Plus the 250 wall brooches I'm planning on making. I've gotten myself into that uncomfortable place where the ideas are coming faster than the work is getting made.

I mean, I was making forms just to make forms, maybe for this piece I designed over a year ago, and all of the sudden, there they are on my bench and a little sketching/thinking and a title later, this piece totally needs to be in the show. I also realized that one of my rocks for Sacra Sancta is too small. Poop.

I'm not going to be posting many pictures of the thesis work, partially because I want it to be a surprise at my show, and partially because my landlords switched my Internet provider so it kinda sucks now, and I'm pretty sure it would take forever to load photos. And I never remember to bring my camera cord to school.

But the ultimate goal is 10-14 neckpieces, and 250-500 wall brooches (depending on the size of the wall). Here are my titles so far, just to give you a taste:

Sacra Sancta
Flow Like Water
Gray Grief (Potato/Rock)
Inner Growth: Salt in the Soul
All the Stones at Your Feet

Happy Tuesday.


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filomene66 said...

I looked at all your pictures on Flickr, of your work, and LOVE it !!! LOVE, LOVE it !!! all the "packagings" you do all around these stones (fake stones ? stones you fabric yourself ?) it's amazing !
and I realize two things :
1/ I'm ashamed to borrow you with my "pebbles exhibition" when I see all the work you have !! :-(
2/ and .... I LOVE so much what you do that I REALLY would LOVE to get at least one of your peaces at the exhibition !!! (I'm ashamed, so ashamed to insist !!! LOL !! sorry !!
Marianne, fom the french blog
(and : would you accept that I pst some of your Flickr pictures on my blog ??? you can answer me either on my email (filomene66@orange.fr) either on my FB page (Marianne Gassier) - i'm also on kit&caboodle ....