Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So a lousy home internet connection and a busted camera have led to a serious lack of posting. But still, I've somehow managed to reach 600 blog posts in just over three years. Wow, that's a lot of crap from my brain.

I knew that my 600th post was rapidly approaching, and the pressure was on to make it spectacular. I couldn't come up with anything that felt appropriate, especially since I can't take pictures right now. The pressure was to great, so I'm caving in and posting just the regular stuff.

It's mid semester funk. Everyone is sick and/or super stressed. There's bad studio juju all around, people melting stuff, over firing enamels, wishy-washy design decisions and temper tantrums. I spent most of Monday in my studio and all I managed to accomplish was a bunch of really gross enamels. Yesterday was a wasted day in printmaking. I could not get my gauche to do what I wanted it to. Today was better; I finished up a brooch for Bob's auction and got my flatware handles enameled. Now I just need to assemble them, photograph them and fill out the paper work. By Friday.

I'm lagging on the thesis work. Like I want to make everything BUT the thesis work. I just want to play, start something new, experiment. But now is not the time. And I still have a giant gross blister on my finger from when I burned it over three weeks ago. Ick.

So much for an incredible 600th post. Happy Wednesday.

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