Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Do. . . .

I posted a week ago that my show goes up today. I don't think I'm actually going to get into the gallery until tomorrow; today I'm finishing up displays and photographs. Over the weekend I'll be putting all my images into my thesis document and tightening up the last few details on that. I've gotten a lot done this week (with LOTS of help), but there's more work on the horizon (luckily I have more help on the way!)

Anyways, here's a list of things I'm going to do AFTER my thesis is over:

- Sleep!
- Spend an entire day watching movies!
- Read a book just for fun (any suggestions?)
- Go to the beach!
- Go to the beach!
- Make books!
- Enamel something blue (Ooooooo!)
- Clean my apartment!
- Bake bread!
- Update my Etsy shops!
- Sleep!

I think it's a pretty good list. I'm really looking forward to it. Happy Thursday!

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Loring Taoka said...

it's such a great feeling! make sure you post pictures.