Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Whew! What a crazy few days it's been! I swear, I've been going non stop this whole week past! I made it to Gatlinburg Thursday evening, just in time for dinner. It was a little un-nerving at first, not knowing anyone or where anything was. But after a couple of days, I've got a pretty good handle on things. I think.

My main job as a studio assistant is to make sure the instructors have everything they need. We also help out with the slide presentations and whatever else needs doing. Last week everyone was running around like mad since Arrowmont was hosting a huge benifit Auction. Instructors for this week's workshops came in on Sunday, and yesterday was a lot of trouble shooting and errand running.

Today, the main event was the gas leak they discovered when they finally took the auction tent down. Never a dull moment here.

I'm not permitted to use the studios unless I'm in a class, which won't be for another three weeks. I'm a little bummed, but I went ahead and set up a little studio in the building where the assistants and work studies are allowed to have space.
I brought some work to hopefully sell. The other studio assistants and I are going to try and run an open studio one night a week.

Thanks for reading!


Clay said...

Good luck with everything in Arrowmont!

Mitch Kimball said...

Hope you have a blast at Arrowmont! I enjoyed my summer there. Is the blue van still called "Fred"?

Liz Steiner said...

Thanks Clay!

Mitch- I have not yet been introduced to the blue van. . .