Friday, June 3, 2011

"Occupation. . . . ."

So I had to fill out some forms yesterday, where I had to list my "Occupation". Up until now, I'd always listed "student", but being newly graduated, this no longer applies. "Unemployed" doesn't seem entirely accurate. For one thing, I'd be a lot less busy.

I feel like my wonderful family (whom I adore) keep waiting for me to call up and say "I got the job!" I'm not really sure what job that would even be. Teaching job? Unlikely. Bench wench? Maybe. A gallery job? Who knows? Some ubiquitous 9 to 5? Not if I can help it.

After some thought, I realized that I already have a job. My job is a studio artist. My job is to make work, and all that that entails. And it's not a 9-5, Monday through Friday. It's an all day, everyday, from when I get up in the morning until I go to bed kind of job. It's a hard job, but I can't imagine doing anything else. So I listed "studio artist" on my silly forms.

That being said, I wish this job paid more regularly.

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shari said...

I'm totally with you... I'm NOT unemployed... not REALLY. I make things, I sell things... I'm an artist, and a craftsperson, and a blogger... these things I do, but there are never really check boxes for them on employment forms. Hmm... Hang in there! It'll happen for you... you're young and you've got lots of time to figure out what you want.