Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stencil Madness

Sorry for the lack of blogging by life at Arrowmont is INTENSE! I can't believe I've been here over a month already! I just finished up my second class: Stencil Madness: Monoprint Gone Crazy with Jeniffer Ghormley. It was frustrating at times, but all in all a lot of fun, and I finally came up with a few prints I'm happy with.

Last week I was in Plastics and Resin for Jewelry with super energetic James Thurman. We did all kinda of crazy plastic casting and mold making. We even made layered paper "Thurmanite", which I really enjoyed. I made a few little things, which I haven't photographed yet, but I'll post them later.

This week I'll be in "The Enameled Image" with Jessica Caulderwood. I'm super excited. It's all kinds of painting and drawing techniques in enamels, which is the area where I feel like my skills are lacking.

Just one more week, and then I'm off to Peter's Valley!!!!

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