Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Re-Cap Pt 2.

I was very fortunate at Peters Valley to have nearly all my workshops run. Even after I left, there were still four workshops to go in my studio. Every week was a something different, a completely new adventure.With a few exceptions, all of my workshops were 5 days each, so there was very little time for a break in between. Here's what went down:

Introduction to Jewelry Making, Raychel Wengenroth
Cold Connections and Non-Traditional Materials, Sarah Doremus
Cloisonne: Vibrant Glass on Metal, Jennifer Jordan Park
The Reactive Metals Alternative, Bill Seely
Chasing and Repousse: Tools and Techniques, Miel Margarita Peredes
Intermediate Jewelry and Silversmithing, Raychel Wengenroth
Cold Connections for Stone Setting, Nanz Aalund
Beginning Jewelry, Jenn Parnell
Un Hinged: Create Hinges and Moving Parts, Chris Darway
Cloisonne Enameling, Harlan Butt
Soldering and Fabrication, Leslie Hartwell
Ordinary Materials- Extraordinary Jewelry, Marlene True
Casting Runs Rampant, Preston Jones
Amulets and Talismans, Robert Dancik

It doesn't look like much, all typed out, but it sure felt like a jammed packed summer. And this was just the fine metals studio!

Happy Tuesday!

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Kitty Cat Stevens said...

sounds like so much fun! i can't see what you make using all your new skills <3 -jenna