Saturday, March 23, 2013

Process Shot of the Week

I learned the basics of traditional jewelry rendering as part of a design and production class I took back in undergrad. I enjoyed it then and go back to it every so often, in a vain attempt to get good at it. I think it stems from always wishing I was one of those people who could draw really well. (Yes, I know, anyone can learn to draw, but for me, the learning curve was steeper than my patience.) I decided to get back into rendering this week as something to do in the evenings to relax (ha!). Something that would allow me feel productive without necessarily being on my "to do" list, and also fit my limited home workspace.

None of these designs are originally my own (except the giant one). They are Arts and Crafts era pieces, two of which were actually done in silver. But, I already have my gold colors mixed up, and didn't feel like devoting pallet space to silver. Besides, I think silver is more difficult to render convincingly, and I want to get better at the basics. Practice, practice, practice, I suppose.

Happy weekend!

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