Monday, May 12, 2008

Behind on Blogging. . .

It's that time in the semester where things are crazy, crazy busy, so I've been busy doing, and not so much busy blogging about what I've been doing. So, today, I'm going to try and catch up a little.
On Friday, I went to Rebecca's Honor's Thesis opening. It was a lot of fun and the work was fantastic! It was so great to see all that hard work finally come together in the final product. Great job Rebecca!

Metals Club also had its annual Spring Sale. Things were a little slow, due to weather, but we made a few sales.
Yesterday, I went to NY to see the "Design and the Elastic Mind" Exhibition at MoMA. The exhibition was very thought provoking, and it was really great to see the rest of the museum, and all the big hitters you find in the history books. In the video section, there was this great installation that included these "lamps" that were made by shaping barbed wire and then submerging them in the Dead Sea, causing salt to crytalize on the wire. It wsa a great trip, and I'll probably be posting more indepth thoughts about what I saw made me realize about my work. Maybe. We'll see.


kait said...

Very intriguing! I'm curious about the object in the center of the fourth photo from the bottom, hanging on the wall. It looks like a handbag, yet not quite....Any close-ups?

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

Thanks Liz! Im so glad you were able to come

Liz Steiner said...

Kait- Sorry, no close ups. I think it is a hand bag though. Those were all created through 3D printing/rapid prototyping, if that helps.

Rebecca-No problem! It was my pleasure!