Sunday, May 4, 2008

Israeli Design

Aqua Creations: Ayala Serfaty

Ezri Tarazi (worked as a partner of the branch of IDEO)
Balloon Carpet by Pini Leibovich
From DesignBoom:
"For a while now, Israeli design has been getting
more and more recognition internationally.
there is a push for good design education,
design galleries and shops.

We’ve been told that there are not many companies
interested to collaborate with local designers.
people are looking for opportunities or new challenges,
to find an entry point to work in the creative world.
this is one reason why Israeli design has concentrated
more on artistic expression then on functional / technical
aspects. young israeli design in the recent past has
focused on reuse of objects and recycling of materials,
giving a certain ‘raw’ aesthetic to their design.

Israel’s DIY industry now build ultramodern production plants
- employ cutting-edge computer-aided design tools,
production is fully automated and employs advanced,
high-technology equipment.
talented designers have been quick to learn and shifted to
more high tech materials and the use of these production
techniques. the development of the design industry is still
weak but a few israeli industries have learned that products
have to be designed for future customer segments and
specific applications."

Sounds similar to what's going on here. So why does the work look so different?


Jangrrrrl said...

good work, Liz. You found some of the goodies.

Jangrrrrl said...

good ending question, Liz....what do you think? What are the other contributing factors? Did you come across other Israeli artists/designers? What about specifically metalsmiths/jewelers? What about Isreali galleries, exhibtiions (traveling)? Contine listing sources also (Design Boom, Kimt 02)