Monday, November 3, 2008

China Paints!

So I spent the morning playing with my china paints I got on Friday. I'm super excited about them, even though these are just color tests, and I have minimal ideas of what I'm going to do with these. Oh, and I'm not really a painter. So clearly this was a good idea.

I ordered predominately browns and grays to start with. Typical rock colors. Maybe someday I'll move on to different subject matter where I can use blues and greens and colors other than gray and brown.

I have been thinking about minerals that come in more interesting colors (come on, who wants to enamel in brown all the time?) I'm rapidly becoming obsessed with garnet reds and olivine greens. I'm thinking about doing some forms in aquamarine blue and amethyst purple, and maybe something really crazy and orange/yellow like realgar, or orpiment. You know, something full of arsenic.


kait said...

New materials are always so much fun! Looking forward to watching you play around with them....

Anonymous said...

You are painting, are you not? Hence, you ARE a painter! This sounds like more fun than I'm having right now.