Monday, November 10, 2008

It's about...

- geologic time
- geologic history
- personal history
- man's relationship to the earth
- how we got here/ all that came before us

Jewelry records our personal history. Jewelry objects become index fossils of our own personal time scale.

Printmaking (intaglio in particular) is making an imprint; a man made fossil. Lithography is using stone to make an image (a fossil bearing stone, I might add). That image is etched into the stone and then later eroded away, becoming part of that stone's missing history. In strata it would show up as an unconformity. In print we have the image, but can we date it to the stone?

It's about an appreciation for something so unspectacular as the earth beneath our feet. It's easy to love trees and flowers and birds and mammals. It's harder to love a hard, unfeeling mass of elements in precise structures, the story of their history out in the open for anyone who cares to take the time to read it. But where would all our pretty flowers and mammals be without the foundations of the earth itself?

There's a billion years of history lying at your feet.

But so what?

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Anonymous said...

Liz -

See what was found "underfoot"!


ps.I remember my dad tilling the garden first thing in the spring. Then me - runnning though it - barefoot - and the smell of the soil. Finally! Spring. Spectacular enough, I suppose.