Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day?

I've been waiting and waiting for snow this winter (yeah, I know, I'm a little crazy). It only snowed once in Baltimore before I left, and it snowed New Year's Eve, while I was at home in PA. I was convinced that I wouldn't see snow again for quite sometime, but miracle of miracles it's snowing in North Carolina!
When I got up this morning school had already been canceled, even though you could still see the grass. It did pick up a little later in the morning, but it's still not anything worth shutting the town down for in my opinion. But hey, I'll take another day off, to finish up some stuff I didn't do on my already long weekend, and maybe take some time to sit in my window and enjoy this while I can.
Happy snow day everyone!

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Laura said...

Welcome to eastern NC! We shut down at the hint of snow. Not many snow plows and rural routes for school buses mean roads can get icy. Enjoy ECU and make sure you hit the beach this spring!