Friday, January 30, 2009


I was tagged on Facecrack, and I thought I would post my facts here as well. Which I can do, 'cause it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Here are my 25 random habits, facts, eccentricities, longings, failings, fears, etc. Enjoy.

1. I didn't major in Geology because I was afraid of taking the Calculus, Physics and Chem. courses.
2. I constantly doubt whether or not I should even try being an artist.
3. I can't not make things. I guess this is why I'm still in art.
4. I got pneumonia when I was a Jr. in High school. I wound up in the hospital for a day and half. It sucked.
5. I wasn't real keen on starting my blog, but now I love it because it makes me think that people are paying attention to me.
6. I am so eternally grateful for my two years at Towson, and so amazingly glad I moved on.
7. I read my favorite books over and over and over again. I read my top favs at least once a year.
8. Some days I just really miss my dog.
9. I'm looking forward to the Watchman movie.
10. I never really understood Jackson Pollack's paintings until I saw one in person.
11. When I was a small child I had a big tractor tire full of sand for my sand box. My older bother had a big pile of sand which I wasn't allowed to play in unless he let me. I was always jealous of this. I made up for it later by playing in my younger cousin's kick ass sandbox.
12. My brother and I played "Art School" when we were little. Go figure.
13. My favorite color is constantly changing. Right now I'm a deep, indigo blue.
14. I was quite infatuated with one of my TAs in undergrad.
15. My favorite class ever was Petrology.
16. I have a pet spiny mouse. He's slightly bigger than a regular mouse and has stiffer, spiny fur on his rump and is incredibly cute.
17. I'm not throwing out my peanut butter Oreos because of salmonella because I've already eaten 1/3 of them and I feel fine.
18. I honestly believe that I'm the only person in the history of the field to start grad school in the spring TWICE.
19. I'm finally beginning to realize how much potential I have and it scares the shit out of me.
20. I can't spell.
21. I hate needles and shots and I tend to hyperventilate and pass out upon getting a shot. This is why I'll never get a tattoo.
22. If I ever did get a tattoo, it would probably be some kind of Zuda tattoo. Or a rock.
23. I'm ususally cold. Like right now.
24. Someday I want sheep. But just two. Nice ones.
25. I'm not going to tag anyone because I believe the people I would tag would get annoyed with me if I did that. If you'd like to be tagged, take this as your open invitation.


Jessica said...

oh my god. #14. ahhhhhhh. om my god.

angela said...

Cool quick way to get to know someone. People often say I think too much. Now I know you do too. Hi!