Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Process Shot of the Week: Casting

Today I cast for the first time since I did my Sr. Show. With the help of a friend, I cast several of my rocks in white bronze, and one in copper. That's right. We cast copper. The copper rock has a rough surface texture, a lovely color to it and a fantastic bit of weight. I don't really have any big plans for it, we pretty much just wanted to see if we could do it. The one larger bronze rock is a little funky because (we think) that the metal at the core of the rock was still molten when we quenched it, and thus came squirting out . We let the other ones cool a while longer before quenching and got better results.


Nicole Solo said...

ahhh casting is so much fun! I havent been able to do it (lack of equipment) for a long time now, so sad.

Anonymous said...

OOh beautiful pictures, and how much fun is casting?