Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know, I know, you're probably waiting for some process shots of the multitude of things I'm working on, but I'd like to blog about some thoughts I have concerning my work. In seminar yesterday we discussed issues of wearability/non-wearability and what that meant for our own individual work. Here's some thing that I've figured out:

- Jewelry can be wearable, unwearable or wearable but impractical

- My jewelry has always tended to be impractical (I was always aware of my wearability issues, I just now have a better term for it.)

- My current work is wearable, but impractical.

- In order to wear my work, one has to think about what they're wearing with it, where they're wearing it to, and what they will be doing as they wear it. It takes a little bit of thought to wear these pieces, which I like.

- People want to wear my current work.

- I want to be able to make the work I want to make, and have the work look like I want it to look without having to worry about the same wearability issues that have to be considered when designing a production line.

- If the string breaks, it can simply be re-knotted, which ties into not only bad puns, but the concepts of time and change and a recording of time (knot calenders). Also, if the enamel chips, cracks, flakes, that also can relate to issues of time, change and erosion.

-Materials to investigate: kevlar thread, and abrasive cords

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