Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I Did This Summer

I spent a lot of time at the beach this summer (yeah, I know, you're jealous, aren't you?). I spent a week in Coralla, and later, I spent a weekend in Hatteras, both on the Outer Banks. I also took a couple trips to Atlantic Beach and even went beach camping on Assateague Island with friends. We built a fire on the beach, made slightly sandy s'mores and slept a few yards from the ocean. It was great!

All this beach time resulted in about 150 pictures of sand. Here's just a few that I took on the four wheel drive beach up above Coralla. It was really windy, and the sand was just being picked up and tossed around. At one point, an area of sand on the wall of the dune I was watching, started to give and fall to the bottom of the dune. It was so cool. It was watching actual geologic processes in action!

In these photos, the black sand in heavier than the white sand, which creates these patterns.

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