Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catch Up

Whew! This semester is flying by! Sorry posting has been so spotty lately, but I think this is the busiest semester I've ever had. Here's some things I've been up to, but haven't blogged about:

Gloria Steinem Lecture- Feminist and creator of Ms. magazine, Gloria Steinem came and gave a lecture here. It was free for students so I decided to go just for the heck of it. I'm so glad that I did! She is such a wonderful speaker, very witty. It was really great, I should have blogged about it more in detail right after I went to share it with all of you. Maybe I will over the break.

The ECU iron pour- My Design I students did scratch blocks for the iron pour. They were super excited and their projects turned out pretty well! The pour itself was amazing as always and even made the front page or the school news paper!

Jenny Schmid- Printmaking had a visiting artist this past weekend (hence the total lack of blogging!). She was super cool and makes kick ass work! The Print Guild printed an edition with her and everyone got to help in some capacity. I think this was such a great opportunity for the undergrads here. They did 61 prints, four runs. Here's a finished print, waiting to be torn down into a bleed print.

Jenny also did this sweet design for the Print Guild and several people silk screened these onto t-shirts.

So that's a few of the exciting things going on in my world. Thanks for reading!

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