Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BBC2 Mastercrafts

I didn't have anything to blog about for almost a week, and now I feel like I have tons to talk about! When it rains it pours I guess!

I was reading the latest issue of Selvedge and came across a small blurb on BBC2's series "Mastercrafts". It's a 6 part prime time television series that "showcases some of Britain's leading master craftsmen and women and explains the techniques at the heart of their trades."

I got real excited when I read this, thinking that it was a British version of "Craft in America". After looking at their web page though, I get the impression that this series is more functionally oriented than artistically. The episodes are Blacksmithing, Thatching, Textile Design, Stone Masonry, Stained Glass, and Wood Design. I can't view the actual program for some reason, but they seem very technique heavy. Still, it looks interesting and I would like to watch these if I can figure out how.

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