Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sewing

It's spring and I've been the mood to spiff up my apartment. Last weekend I did some much needed spring cleaning, although looking at things now, you probably can't tell. (Seriously, how do my floors get so dirty in a week?) I'd like to do some redecorating, but making my apartment exactly how I want it isn't really an option, since I can't afford replace all my furniture. But I've been thinking about what kinds of things I could make to brighten up the place, specifically things I could sew.

I decided to start with the throw pillows, and made this over-sized pillowcase today. Again, it's maybe not exactly what I wanted, but I'm trying to stick to my novice sewing skills. I'm going to try to get another one of these done today, and then maybe something for the smaller pillows. I'd also like to make a bright patchwork throw to cover most of my couch, since it's dark, and I'm kind of tired of looking at it. But I might have to wait until summer to tackle that. I might rearrange my furniture, too.

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