Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let the Freak Out Commence!!!

Or rather, continue. . . .

I had a pretty good week last week, despite the many meetings. I got my AMAZING brooches from the swap in the mail (I promise to post about them soon!) I got some other lovely gifts, and a surprise pair of earrings from kick-ass Arrowmont resident Jennifer Wells. I made some little things, just for fun, just to give myself a break from the thesis work for a hot second. I spent some time by myself, which for me is as necessary as breathing or art making. I made some books, which I'm beginning to realize is a bit of a stress reliever for me.

But this week. . . . Well let me tell you. I'm a total wreck. Every other day I either get asked "How's the writing going?" (in regards to my thesis) and "What are you going to do when you graduate?" The answers to these questions are respectively: "I haven't started." and "I don't know." The what am I going to do after I graduate is freaking me out way more than the thesis writing (or not writing, as it were). I'm also getting too much unsolicited advice on the matter, which is not something I react well too, along with constant reminders that I have a HUGE amount of student debt I'm going to need to start paying off. I need to get my shit together, and I only have maybe the foggiest idea of how to do this. The only thing I really know how to do is make work.

And speaking of student debt, I'm still waiting on my financial aid, because someone in the study abroad office screwed up my schedule. This makes me so angry. You don't make mistakes that affect other people's money. Just because you have the luxury of a regular paycheck doesn't mean we all do. And I'm waiting on my financial aid so that I can do something about my computer and my digital camera, so that I can get back to my regular life. I kinda hate how much I depend on my technology. I am seriously tweaking out about not having my computer and camera.

Anyways, this too shall pass as they say. Sorry for the rant. More interesting things to come, I promise.

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Lisette said...

Good luck Liz! I can only imagine what your going through (i'll be there in 2 more years).
Believe in yourself and the future and it'll all start to come together.