Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day

So Halloween is finally over. I'm kind of relieved. I enjoyed Halloween when I was a kid, but I find the college town approach the holiday it kind of silly. I'm much more fascinated by the Day of the Dead, especially in connection to All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Today is All Saints Day, honoring saints both known and unknown. I wish I had my saints books here so I could spend the day reading and contemplating the idea of an unknown saint and my own personal (read: made up) saints. There's a body of work brewing in this vein, and I'm anxious to get sketching. As it is, though, I need to spend some studio time, part of which will be spent prepping rosaries. I plan to spend a good part of tomorrow, the Day of All Souls making rosaries. Some are shell, some are gemstone, and some have fabricated elements. I'd like to think that if ever I have a retrospective of my work at the end of my career, there will be a whole wall of rosaries. So far I have seven ready to be strung together.

Stay tuned for the results. Happy All Saints Day.

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