Thursday, January 3, 2013


Gallery and Store at Peters Valley
Most of 2012 seems very far away. When I think of where I was at this time last year and everything that's happened since, most of it seems fuzzy and dream like, and more like 2-3 years ago then 12 to 6 months. Some things that happened:

- Got my first real teaching job at Craven Community College
- Got a job at the Children's Museum and Science Center in Rocky Mount
- Quit my job at the Children's Museum and Science Center in Rocky Mount
- Ran my first corporate sponsored giveaway (Thank you Novica!)
- Curated Hot Under the Collar and participated in the Trunk Show, both at the SNAG conference in Phoenix, AZ
- Spent the summer as the Artist Fellow in Fine Metals at Peters Valley Craft Center
- Cheered on many friends and family as they experienced their own life milestones: new babies, weddings, new jobs, and other successes (whether they knew it or not).
- Got my work carried by 3 galleries, and was in several exhibitions.
- Met a ton of great people and learned a bunch of cool new things.
- Made stuff.

Well, it seemed like more in my head.

Matchbox art by Paperiaarre
Looking forward, the future seems to be a big, scary, exciting mess. I'm gearing up to start teaching again on Monday, so I can't even picture anything past the end of spring semester right now. I think I need to approach the new year by breaking it into more manageable segments; 3-4 months at a time. I have a few goals for the spring, beyond, you know basic survival:

- Continue working on my found object body of work.
- Finish Day River.
- Listen to more music.
- Read more books: poetry, religion, philosophy, that sort of thing.
- Make an Alabama Chanin piece.
- Make at least ONE paper matchbox art piece, like those by Finnish artist Paperiaarre.
- Become more disciplined.
- Do something AWESOME with the Kidrobot Raffy I received for Christmas.
- Be less anxious, stress less, worry less, breathe more. (Don't I make this resolution at least once a month?)
- Go to the beach more.
- Write more, especially blogging, but also journaling, dream journaling, etc.

Raffy, by Kidrobot
So no particularly lofty goals, just small improvements on the everyday. This doesn't mean I'm not going to pursue any big things, just focus more of my energy on enjoying where I'm at right now, and making that mean something.

So happy new year, a best of luck with whatever 2013 brings you.

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