Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

A very happy Earth Day to you! Sorry for the complete lack of posting, but last week was crazy busy. Our annual Student Show went up at the Community College where I work. It took several days and lots of hands to get set up, but looked great in end. We've had some really nice work come out of our department this past year.

I also taught my last class for spring at Beads and Bowls in downtown New Bern.I taught 3 basic ring classes in March and 2 bezel setting classes this month. I'm taking some time off from that while I finish up the semester and while they move to their new location, but hope to continue teaching with them in the fall.

Friday, I went up to Greenville to dog sit and attend the MFA opening at ECU's Gray Gallery. There were also 3 BFA metals shows up at Art Avenue. Congrats to all involved!

These are a few photos I took last weekend wandering around the Tryon Palace Gardens, which were open to the public as part of New Bern's Historic Home Tour. It was a lot warmer and sunnier then than it is today, but at least we don't have snow like some parts of the country. Hope you're enjoying your Monday and Earth Day wherever you are!

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