Thursday, July 1, 2010

Certaldo-Day 6 Siena

It was kind of a pain getting into Siena, and it rained most of the time we were there, but it was well worth it. These pictures don't even do it justice, especially since I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the most spectacular things we saw, like the head of St. Catherine.
This is the outside of the Doumo in Siena.

There was a small manuscript gallery off the main sanctuary of the Doumo. This is a view of the walls. I couldn't get any decent shots of the books, since they were behind glass. Also, the room was very crowded, which made picture taking difficult. The gift shop had a ton of great and cheap postcards though. I really love postcards, in case you can't tell.
The floors inside and outside the Doumo were all this beautiful marble inlay. This was one of my favorites, because I love the little circular piercings. I really wanted to take a graphite rubbing but the marble was wet from the rain.
A view of the unfinished portion of the church.
After the Doumo we went through the crypt and the museum where we saw the most fantastic reliquaries. There were all these super ornate gold, silver and rock crystal containers and vessels that held a finger bone, or a jaw bone. Two were caskets that held an entire skull. They were so cool, but the gift shop didn't have any postcards and the only book they had was in Italian and only had a few good pictures.
I braved the rain and cold and climbed out onto the top or the unfinished arch in the photo above and took a few photos of the view:

The stripy bell tower.
The sun finally came out right before we had to leave, so we were still able to have the BBQ that Duiglad had planned for us and the other guests at Fattoria Bassetto.

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