Friday, July 9, 2010

Florence- Day 11 Bargello and Shopping

I'm sure these are getting kind of stale, so I'll make this brief.

For our free day in Florence, my friends and I went to the Bargello Museum. The Bargello has a great collection of decorative objects, jewelry, enamel, ceramics and ivory works. Lots of small, beautiful things that could fit in the palm of your hand. They also have a great armory. One of my favorite things were the carved ivory stands for the leather hoods made for falcons. Of course, we went looking for a book on the collectios, but there were only a few. I picked up one on Scientific Instruments.

The Bargello was really great, but we were kind of burnt out on art by this time, so we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. We headed to the leather district. We found Santa Croce, where Dante, Micheangelo and others are burried, but we didn't go in. Then the hunt was on for Vespa bags and a dress that we had seen in a window display our first night in Florence. We didn't find either (they must have changed the displays), but we did find a paper shop (finally!) and a flea market, which was really great. After that we hit the street market. I bought a sketchbook, since I thought I was going to fill the one I brought before the trip was over, and a dress, which, while not as cute as the one that got away, was more in my price range that the other one surely was.

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