Monday, July 12, 2010

Italy- Day 12 Florence/Cinque Terra

Giorgio De Chirico: Nostalgia of the Infinite

We had one more free morning in Florence, and I really wanted to see this Surrealism Exhibition that was up at the Palazzo Strozzi. I took a Dada and Surrealism class way back when I was an undergrad, which I enjoyed very much, so I was interested in seeing works by some of the artists we talked about in person.

I wasn't disappointed. This was a great exhibition. The novelty of seeing works in real life that I'd only seen in books before never wore off.

Max Ernst: Oedipus Rex

Rene Magritte: The Human Condition (this work actually belongs to our National Galleries)

Another reason I'm glad I went to this exhibition, was that I stumbled upon this tiny little exhibition off the side of the gift shop, titled I Journey With you Here, by Kate McBride. These were the most beautiful little prints taken from Polaroids, paired with the most lovely poetry:

I lit a candle for you
in a simple church
just off the main square
yours is the tallest
the nearest to christ on the cross
the flame burns bright
lights the stone walls
many candles burn around you
I hope to return here many times

I was so in love with these I can't even tell you. I had to buy the book. I think this was one of my most favorite things I saw the whole trip.

Then it was a train ride to Cinque Terra, along the Mediterranean. We had to haul our luggage quite a distance from the station, and then up seven flights of marble stairs to our room, but it was worth it, because this was the view from our balcony:

We had twenty minutes before dinner, so my friends and I threw on our suits and ran down to the beach. Sarah and Marissa got in the water.

I didn't make it past the rocks.

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