Monday, July 5, 2010

Certaldo- Day 7 Chianti Region

For our last day in Tuscany, we toured the very beautiful Chianti Region. First we stopped and talked to this blacksmith. He was very moving, and a true artist if I've ever seen one. He spoke about the love and the passion one must have in making work, how to make is a joy, how to make from your gut and how without silence we can't hear anything. He only spoke Italian, so Linda and Duiglad translated for us.
Again, loving the lizards.

After that we headed to the little town of Castellina for lunch and Duiglad took us to this jewelry store. It was a really neat little place, with stuff from all over the world, tucked away in drawers. We probably could have spent a couple of hours in there, if we had had the time. Once the owner found out that we were jewelry students, he pulled out some damaged stones and gave each of use a few.
We then went to a little family run farm for a wine tasting. This was not my favorite activity, only because I don't care for wine. But we also had some excellent olive olive (one with rosemary, one with garlic and one with hot pepper) a couple of kinds of cheese, and we also tried three kinds of grappa. Again, not my favorite activity, but I did find some excellent rocks at this farm and took some nice rock pictures. I know, I'm a total nerd.

On our way back to Fattoria Bassetto, we stopped for some pictures of the lovely view.

And then watched a Comedia del Arte performance before dinner.

More beautiful food.

Up next, Florence!

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