Saturday, February 18, 2012

Studio Serious

So I've finally decided to get serious about investing in my future studio, now that I do have a small, but steady source of income. I'm stealing an idea from Amy Tavern where I plan to buy one tool a month. Some months will be smaller, less expensive tools, but hopefully some months I'll be able to splurge a bit. It's my goal by this time next year to own a flex shaft, an enameling kiln, and some sort of electroforming set up.

I'm happy to say that I'm already well on my way with this goal! I spent my first paycheck from the Children's Museum on a flex shaft, which came in the mail yesterday! I had a difficult decision to make, when I was offered a partial scholarship to Pocosin's Cabin Fever Reliever. While I was grateful and wanted very much to go, I just didn't feel I could afford it, even with the scholarship. Especially with all the hours at work I would have had to miss, and there fore not get paid for. I was heartsick over this decision for days, and flipped flopped back and forth so many times. (Complicated by the fact that I wanted to do something nice for myself for my birthday.) Finally I decided to compromise, and give up the workshop, but allow myself to buy a flex shaft. I know flex shafts aren't exactly cheap, but it was less than the remaining cost of the workshop, and allowed me to work all my hours at the museum.

I'm realizing that my life for now is all about compromise, sacrificing one thing in favor of something else, and trying to choose the best solution, based on time or cost or priority, etc.

Happy weekend. Thanks for reading.

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