Saturday, October 20, 2007

Social Issue: Vodka Snorting

I saw a this on the local news this past week and I thought I would blog about it because it relates to Amy's social issue. Vodka snorting is when you literally inhale or snort vaoka up your nose. It apparently started in Eastern Europe and is making its way to the US. YouTube has a bunch of videos of people snorting vodka, staggering around and screaming.
Honestly, is this not the dumbest thing you've ever heard? Why go thought excruciating pain to get drunk? Who was dumb enought to come up with such a thing? It's so moronic, it boggles my mind.
Now the news was playing the role of warning parents what your kids maybe doing, but they talked to the TU heath center, and I believe Shepard Pratt, both of which have no reported cases of vodka snorting, which leads me to believe it is not as epidemic as the news would have you believe. But I also wonder how many kids were watching that news report and decided that they should try this new way of getting drunk? Is the news adding to the problem or preventing it? Am I adding to the problem merely by blogging on the issue? I felt the same way when the news or maybe it was a TV show that had the pill parties. I just knew that some kid was going to go and try that. But is there anyway to combat that kind of behavior? If we shut off the TV would it still happen. It probably would.
I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing. People are pretty stupid.

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