Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Love/Hate

So, as I mentioned before I'm FINALLY taking a book arts class this semester. I've been waiting to take book arts for almost two years and I get to take it with one of the coolest people on the planet, Lisa Beth Robinson.
I love it, but this class is SO frustrating! So far, we've made a simple journal, which wasn't graded and our first graded book, a 12 page accordion with spine and covers that demonstrates some type of narrative is due tomorrow! The class is really demanding craft wise.
For the record, I'm not really a precision person. I'm not even a precision metalsmith. So the craft is really hard for me. I'm terrible at cutting and tearing paper, folding, and keeping my paper CLEAN. I think I've mastered gluing (fingers crossed), but narrative is also something I'm not particularly comfortable with.
Above are my efforts in the class so far: my journal at the back and the 2 1/2 accordion books. (The first one I made was actually better than the second!) The taller, standing accordion is the one I'll be turning in tomorrow. I just need to add my narrative and my spine.

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