Monday, February 15, 2010

Swap Results

So, I got my Artist to Artist Element Swap stuff back about a month ago from super talented Jillian Moore. She turned my reject enameled electroforms from my first semester of grad school into these juicy, weird, fantastic little brooches and a pendant! The brooch in the top right of the photo above is all Jillian though. Love them! Whenever I wear any of them I get bunches of questions and comments. Everyone keeps asking me if the pendant opens. It does not. It never did. But it does have metallic purple dots on the other side!
I didn't photograph the stuff I sent to my partner. I'm kinda embarrassed about how long it took me. In the end, I only had one small piece that was inspired by the objects she sent me. I also sent her a pair of earrings, that reminded me a little bit of her work, and I sent her a rock brooch.
I really enjoyed taking part in this swap, I just felt really bad that I didn't devote the time and attention to it that I should have.

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Jillian Moore said...

Thanks for posting the pics!

And glad you like them!