Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Element Swap

A couple of months ago I was invited to participate in an artist to artist element swap. Each participant sends an element to another artist, who makes a piece of work that either physically incorporates that element, or uses it as inspiration. Elements can be scraps, elements an artist has made, a found object or even a piece of old work.
My elements came from ceramic artist Emily Jull. She makes lovely vessels that incorporate felt, crocheted lace and stitching. Her work is simple and beautiful. You can see her work on flickr and on etsy. I've been very excited to swap with her and I finally got my elements in the mail today:

I love them! I'm so excited! My first thought is to electroform some of these, but our bath here is deffinatly not up to it. So I've got to do a little creative thinking. Which is what the swap is all about! First up though, is lots of "Moments" pictures using these.
I got to send my element to Jillian Moore. I was so so so excited to get her as a swap partner! I've been a fan of her work since I saw it last year at the SNAG conference. I forgot to take a picture of my elements before I shipped them off. These aren't exactly what I sent her, but they are quite similar. In fact, I think I meant to send these too, but somehow missed them.

For more on the swap, check out Amy Tavern's post about the wonderful things she got from Japan, and what she's sending to my friend Shand.

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