Friday, April 24, 2009

Group Enamel Fire

Some time ago, a very nice gentlemen donated a large enameling condition to the studio on the condition that his late wife's enamels get fired. The panels are large (for enamels), maybe 12 x 12 roughly, and are very painterly. They incorporate powder, threads, lumps and silver and/or copper cloisonne wires. They are a fantastic example of what a painter can do with enamel, and they type of enameling that was typically done in the 1950's and 1960's. I'm not exactly sure how old these are, but the most amazing thing about them is that they had been sitting with unfired, powder enamel on them for quite some time. This gentleman had very carefully wrapped them in saran wrap, and miraculously, most, if not all, the enamel was still intact. So, yesterday, we fired up the big kiln, and had a little firing party in the Enameling II class. There was even some running around the art building, showing a "before and after" to some painting/drawing faculty and students, trying to persuade people that enameling isn't just for metalsmiths.
These are all after pictures.

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annie said...

i love this story. and these look INCREDIBLE after years of storage, unfired! i can't BELIEVE it!!