Sunday, April 5, 2009

Atomic Rabbit Back On

I apologize for shutting down the blog for a few days. It has been recently brought to my attention that someone I know personally has been copying my work. My gut reaction was to shut everything down, and remove all photos of my work. But with a little more deliberation with a clearer head, I decided that the damage has already been done, and there was no sense in removing everything, since the offending party saw my work in person, at my previous university. My current faculty and peers agree that work is far to similar and that this issue needs to be addressed. I have their full support.
I enjoy being open about my work and sharing it with others. I enjoy being able to utilize the format of the blog to share my work with people around the world. The fact that this occurred so close to home, so to speak, angers and saddens me, but I feel that is in my best interest to keep moving forward while I handle this situation. The offending party still has the work displayed on their blog and shutting down Atomic Rabbit, even temporarily while I determine how I want to handle this situation, would feel too much like giving up my own personal power.
So, I'll be back to blogging this week and with the support of my friends and faculty, handle this situation in a professional manner, and move past it.
Thanks for sticking with me, dear readers.


Steve Steiner said...

name names! plagarism is punishable by burning at the stake!

Jessica said...

i second that.