Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Artitst: Phil Renato

So, on Tuesday, Phil Renato was kind enough to pay us a visit. We had a great seminar discussion, with many many heated opinions, followed by a fantastic presentation of Phil's work. I thought his inspirations montage was really interesting and wonderful and his drawings were just spectacular. I thought it was interesting that all of his digital work starts as a 2-D drawing on paper. We got to see some of these drawings as well as a few prototypes, including two 3-D prints of this piece. He talked about his use of the program Realflow, which I'd heard of, but didn't know much about. We also got a primer on how Phil runs his program at Kendall College of Art and Design, which is very different than anything in the field right now, and also very different than how he approaches his work.
We got to critique with him individually and one thing that Phil said to me about my work, and the salt/vessel piece specifically, was to think about the type of person who would wear this piece and what would they wear it with. This is something I need to consider more than I do, both for the saleability of the work, and how the work should be photographed.
All in all, a very worthwhile experience!

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