Monday, August 16, 2010

Andalusite Cross

So I FINALLY sat down and made myself start the enamels for John. They're going to be double sided champleve, with an andalusite cross (see above) on the front and a mosaic type deal on the back. We saw mosaics just about every where we went in Italy, but for some reason the ones we saw in Rome stick with me the most. I took a bunch of pictures of the mosaic floors in the Vatican, and Marissa and I totally had this moment with one of the mosaic walls in the Borghese.

So I'm etching the crosses on the fronts first (in the acid as we speak!), then I'll pierce out my shapes, re-resist everything and etch the mosaic squares in the back. I'm a little concerned about colors though, because I'm not sure if these pinky andalusites go with the rest of the componants (smoky quartz, tiger iron, and limestone). I think I just have to make sure I stay closer to the beige/brown side, or go with a deeper sort or pink/red to go with the tiger iron.

Anyways, I'll figure it out. I'm just glad they're started.

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