Monday, August 9, 2010


Sorry it's been a few days, but I spent this weekend in Atlanta, attending the wedding of two very, very dear friends of mine. Congratulations Dan and Marion!

So, as for the Italy group of rosaries, Matthew, Mark, Luke are all finished. John is nearly there, I just have some design stuff to sort out with the enamels, and then of course, the execution. I have all the other elements figured out, so it's frustrating to be this close and be this stuck on some other aspect of the design.

I've made three additional "other" rosaries since that shell one I posted. I've basically been going though my bead stores and putting things together. And since I don't keep actual rosary parts on hand, I've taken a bit of creative liberty with the crucifix, and center medallion pieces. I like what I've come up with though. Sort of understated. I see them as a kind of "non-denominational" rosary.

The black one on the far right is a seven decade rosary, similar to the rosaries certain sects of monks use. It's going in my studio space. The other two are hanging in my apartment.

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