Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day

Well, here we go again. Classes started today. What the hell happened to summer? At any rate, it wasn't too bad. We've got a little bit of faculty crazyness going on in our department right now. We have Ken Bova filling in for Linda while she plans the semester in Italy program and another of our faculty will be out these first few weeks recovering from surgery. But, all the classes are covered, and we're whipping the studio into shape!

I'm assisting the enameling class with Ken this semester and I'm SUPER excited! Linda will be popping in and out too, as needed. We've got a great group of students so I'm looking forward to having some great work to show off. And Ken is way cool, and I'm really looking forward to working with him.

So that was a big part of the day, along with some logistics (the symposuim is happening again!!!), but I did manage to melt some wax out of some forms that have been sitting around for a week or more. I bought myself a heat gun, which is pretty effective with melting most of the wax without setting any fires. I can then torch off the rest of the wax residue with "minimal" fire. Much safer. Although things did get a bit smokey when I was working on one of the bigger forms.

Tomorrow I get to go to my geology class! Whoot!

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